Project Description

Middle 1964’s Mustang V8 260 cu / concourse condition

Chassis: coupé

Engine specification: 260 cu

Transmission: 3-speed manual

Here is a beautiful iconic vehicle in its original configuration.

Description and pictures of this incredible middle 1964’s Mustang coupé in the same condition as though it has just left the factory:

It has been fully restored in accordance to professional standards, using all original parts, and also, the chassis accordingly with original tin.

The car comes with a restoration album with 200 photos realised by a Mustang expert.

It also comes with the original purchase receipt dated back to April 23rd 1964, only 6 days after the official launch of this vehicle that took place on April 17th. The file includes the warranty registration card dually plasticised, the receipt of the deposit, the manual and a letter from the first owner to the second buyer.

This classic car is “matching numbers” and its color is also original: all the parts are authentic, even the spare wheel and the radiator hoses.

This exceptional car deserves its place in a museum because the middle 1964’s model and the V8 260 cu engine were only up for purchase for very few months. This is what it makes it so special.

Perfect for investors or demanding collectors.

Complete file with track record and documents.

Price on request

Mod:Ford Mustang coupé
Potencia: 164 horsepower

Price on request