Classic design, modern aluminum structure, and sumptuous leather and wood interior and plenty of depreciation.

YouTuber Jamie Balmer makes it no secret that he has a love for depreciated luxury vehicles, and his latest upload takes us on a tour of what he feels is the perfect car for the job, a 2008 Jaguar XJ LWB. The long wheel base provides a great ride, an interior with a ton of room and wood-leather accents everywhere, and most importantly plenty of bang for the buck – the value of this “depreciated barge” has Jamie plenty excited.

The X350 XJ Was A Major Change For Jaguar

While it’s difficult to tell, the X350 was a radical departure for Jaguar. The change isn’t as obvious upon first look, as the lightweight, modern aluminum architecture is hidden underneath a distinctly retro body. The look didn’t do justice to the new frame. Drivers found a lighter, stiffer XJ and realized quickly that it’s a superior model, and was faster, more efficient and even better to drive.

The XJ also received a facelift in 2007, making the ‘08 model perfect for those looking to get value in an updated design. The new look gave the storied design a revised front end, better grill and deeper bumpers. Add to the mix a then-new diesel engine, that could make 600 miles on a tank. The diesel was torquier than the V8 and more efficient than the V6.

The XJ Drives As Well As Any Jaguar

According to Jamie, the XJ is up there with some of the best cars he has ever driven. The XJ is an absolute bargain with the price, and for what you get in the Jag the drive is literally as nice as any new Jaguar product would. Also, because of the long wheel base, the interior has plenty of room with tons of leg room with heated seats and blowers in the back.

The Model And Year Is Pretty Scarce

The LWB XJ does hold their money for what they are, and examples for sale are somewhat difficult to find. Fortunately, once a unit is located, because many of the LWB cars have been used as chauffeur cars, they typically have extensive service history and have been very well maintained.

Just as all its predecessors have, the X350’s still suffer from the ravages of depreciation. There are scabby, high-mileage cars that sell for pretty cheap, if you really want, and not much more than that buys good ones, with sub-100k diesels within budget. For a luxury saloon of the XJ’s calibre, that’s extraordinary value.


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