– Ferrari to unveil Purosangue SUV in 2022

– It is developing a new V6 engine family

Ferrari had conducted an annual general meeting lately where it outlined the plans to introduce three new cars in the coming months. The brand also confirmed that there will be an all-electric Ferrari by 2025. Meanwhile, it is preparing to unveil an all-new Purosangue SUV in 2022. Moreover, Ferrari shared the future strategy of the company to announce a new range of cars.

The Purosangue high-performance SUV will be added to the company’s GT line-up. This all-new SUV could come with either a retuned V12 or the V8 engine. Similarly, it could also feature a hybrid powertrain. The SUV is likely to make its way to India.

The sports car maker said, “As a company, we have committed to achieving full carbon neutrality by direct and indirect actions within this decade.” Ferrari has already equipped a few cars with hybrid powertrains such as La Ferrari and La Ferrari Aperta as well as SF90 Stradale and SF90 Spider. Furthermore, the company will introduce three new models in the coming months. “As we enter 2021, we continue to roll out our ambitious and exciting product plan and we will unveil a further three new models in the coming months,” explained Ferrari.

Ferrari is now moving its focus on a large customer base as well as on a new generation of customers. To make new generation cars, it will focus on connectivity for infotainment, safety and regulatory compliances. Ferrari is intending to develop a new range of cars powered by new V6 engines. Moreover, the brand has decided to use a hybrid powertrain in all its road cars.

The Sportscar maker will also focus on producing more GT cars to target a larger customer base. Ferrari is now said to make more affordable cars that are comfortable while accommodating at least four passengers. It is claimed to produce Ferraris that can be used as a daily driver while retaining their sportiness.

Ferrari declared that it is not planning to make self-driving vehicles at the moment. However, its current cars will adapt certain features from self-driving cars due to regulatory developments such as predictive braking, autonomous cruise control and Advance Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The future models will utilise new innovative technology, it said further.

A new plan of the company includes focusing on emerging car markets. “We believe we have the potential for further success in new geographies, in particular China. But also, more generally in Asia.” This statement depicts that Ferrari now wants to grow its business in Asia continent, especially China and it could come to India as well.

Ferrari explained that the transition from internal combustion engines to hybrid or electric cars is very costly. However, the company is analysing the trend and customer feedback and it would try to act as the situation develops.


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